SGGSWU ➤ Social-Responsibility


Social responsibility describes the way we are making a difference to the social and economic well-being of our communities and Nation through our teaching, research, and public events and activities.

Social responsibility is one of the core strategic goals of the university, along with our commitment to world-class research, and outstanding learning and student experience.

Our social responsibility strategy Our strategy for social responsibility includes a commitment to pursue the following priority areas:

Academic freedom Academic freedom gives both students and faculty of our campus the right to express their views — in speech, writing, and through electronic communication, both on and off campus — without fear of sanction. Academic freedom gives both students and faculty of our campus the right to study and do research on the topics they choose and to draw what conclusions they find consistent with their research.

Research with impact Our research is focused to make a positive difference to society, addressing the major challenges of the 21st century faced by our community.

Socially responsible graduates Our graduates are learning to exercise ethical, social and environmental responsibility.

Engaging our communities Our events and activities are harnessing our knowledge, resources and visitor attractions for the benefit of our communities.

Responsible processes Our processes are balancing efficiency with opportunities to create social and environmental benefit. 

Environmental sustainability Our research, teaching and activities are guided by our commitment to environmental sustainability. 

We involve in number of activities and programs for our teaching, research, community engagement and processes, allowing us to focus on making a difference to society. Some of the activities of the university are as follows:

  1. Kashmir Flood Relief Fund: The staff at SGGS World University donated their one day salary (Approx. Rs. Two lakh twenty five thousand) for the assistance of victims affected by floods in Kashmir.
  2. Scholarships for students: The university keeping its commitment to assist the economically and socially weaker section of the society awarded SGGS World university worth Rs. Eighty Lakh to the students in the Academic Session 2014-15 and around Rs. Sixty Five Lakh in the academic session 2013-14. Moreover, the University awarded scholarships to Girl students from Kashmir valley worth Rs. Twenty three lakh. The university admitted and awarded scholarships through GOVERNMENT to Scheduled Caste (SC) and Backward Caste (BC) students worth Rs. Two Crore in the Acdemic Session 2014-15. 
  3. Plantation Drive: The NSS students of the university organised a tree Plantation Drive on 11-08-2014 in university Campus and 1200 Plants were planted.
  4. Blood Donation Camp: The Blood donation Camp was organized in association with Sri Guru Ram Dass Institute  of Medical Science & Research, Sri Amritsar Sahib and 200 units of Blood were donated by NSS Voluntaries of the University.
  5. Swach Bharat Abhiyaan drive: Swach Bharat Abhiyaan (Clean India Campaign) was started by students, Staff of the faculty on 2nd October 2014 and Sirhind city was cleaned. The students and staff of the university also created awareness regarding cleanliness among the residents of the city.