SGGSWU Departments Department of Psychology

Psychology is an upcoming field and is becoming one of the most popular courses. In this age of mental issues, there is huge demand of psychologists, as they can play pivotal roles in helping the individuals and society to resolve their issues. These days’ psychologists are required in diverse areas ranging from schools to hospitals to clinics to research centers to advertising firms. This field is providing ample job opportunities, in almost every sphere, such as in Research, Teaching, Counselling (Schools, de-addiction centers, NGOs, industrial organizations, prisons, hospitals etc.), as Clinical Psychologists, Organizational Psychologists, as Sports Psychologists, in Government sectors (e.g. District Child Protection Officers, Child Protection Officers, Project officers under NRHM), mental health services in hospitals, clinics, or private settings, Mental Health programmes in psychiatric hospitals and clinics, community, geriatrics, and private practice, and etc

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1 M.A.

Seats: 20

Duration : 2 Years

Elligibility: 50% marks in graduation (any stream)

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1 Dr. Shubhdip Kaur Assistant Professor & In-charge Counselling Psychology; Developmental Psychology; Educational Psychology.
2 Dr. Dharna Sharma Assistant Professor Organizational Behaviour; Human Resource Management.
3 Miss. Sherry Brar Assistant Professor Organizational Behaviour; Clinical Psychology.
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1 M.A. 2017-18 Psychology, Sem I and Sem II
2 M.A. 2017-18 Psychology, Sem III and Sem IV