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Music is an integral part of socio-religious life of India. The department encourages students to participate in various Musical competitions / programs both at national as well as international level. The department organizes various events like Musical competitions, expert talks and Music workshops from time to time for overall personality development of the students. Study of music offers great scope for students with a flair for music to make a mark in the burgeoning music industry. Students of Music have excellent opportunities in various fields such as teaching field in government and private institutions, music direction and professional singing in India and abroad.   The advent of satellite television, the growing popularity of the music channels and corporate sponsorship of musical events, has made music big business. There are many opportunities for self-employment in the form of holding private classes at home or opening a music school or producing and directing independent programs. 

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1 M.A. Music Vocal

Seats: 30

Duration: 2 Years

Eligibility: Graduation with 50% marks in aggregate from a recognised university with Music.

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1 Harpreet SIngh Assistant Professor and In-charge [email protected] Classical Vocal, GurmatSangeet, Sufi , Folk & Light Music
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1 Research of the Faculty

Rabindre Sangeet Gharana prampra. Page no.80 , SmajakVigianPattar. Publication Bureau, PunjabiUniversity, Patiala. 81-302-0150 x

Dholakte Chimte di banavatte prachar pasar. Page no.133    SmajakVigianPattar. Publication Bureau, Punjabi University, Patiala. 81-302-0234-4

PanditRajan Mishra and Sajan Mishra.    SmajakVigianPattar. Publication Bureau,PunjabiUniversity,Patiala.    978-81-302-0196-2

Books: My following two books are under publication:-

1.) Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji da SangeetakAdhiyan.
2.) GurmatSangeet de prcharpasarvich Sikh Guru Sahiban da Yogdan.

Audio Video Projects:-

1.) Audio MP 3 C.D of five Shabads to be released on the occasion of Martyrdom day of Sahibzadas on 27 December 2014.
2.) Audio-Video CD of 31 Ragas from Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji to be released in near future.

Online Project:-

I am going to launch my website for online Music education.

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1 Achievements of Faculty

•My Music Performance has been broadcasted by AIR Patiala and PTC Punjabi TV Channel.

•I had the good fortune of being honored by Sikh Educational Society Chandigarh on the occasion of its Platinum Jubilee Celebration held on 05 Dec, 2011 for the presentation of Gurbani Folk Tunes.

•Honored for performing judgment in music competitions held in various colleges and universities.

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