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Department of Botany and Environmental Science is one of the emerging department of the university. The department was established with the aim to foster value based quality education through graduate and post-graduate courses in the field of plant biology and environmental sciences. The department will be a paragon of virtues, diligently exposing its students with vivid aspects of plant biology and environmental science. The department is growing progressively by expanding its gamut of academic activities.

The curriculum is designed to provide in-depth training and imparting skills in various areas pertaining to the field. The courses run by the department will provide various opportunities to the students in their future to pursue their teaching and research career in various colleges, universities and other government agencies like Pollution Control Board, DST, DBT, CSIR & DRDO. The students also have good scope in private sectors like Medicinal & Pharmaceutical companies, Refineries, Industrial Research and Development units. Faculty members are available as academic advisers and hold office hours for consultation about the courses offered by the department.

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1 Ph.D. (Botany)

Seats: To be notified before entrance test

Duration: As per University norms

Eligibility: As per UGC norms

2 M.Sc. Botany

Seats: 40

Duration: 2 Years

Eligibility: B.Sc. (Medical/Life sciences), B.Sc. (Hons. School) Botany with at least 50% marks in aggregate from a recognised University

Sr. No Image Name Designation Email Specialization Resumes
1 Dr. Yadvinder Singh Assistant Professor & In-charge [email protected], [email protected] Phycology and Microbial Ecology
2 Dr. Hina Khan Assistant Professor [email protected] Plant Biotechnology
3 Mrs. Manisha Sharma Assistant Professor [email protected] Environment Science
4 Dr. Navdeep Kaur Assistant Professor [email protected] Cytogenetics and Plant Molecular Biology
5 Dr. Ramanpreet Assistant Professor [email protected] Cytogenetics
6 Dr. Harsimran Kaur Assistant Professor [email protected] Plant Physiology
7 Dr. Uzma Azeem Assistant Professor Plant Pathology
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1 Research details of the faculty/department

Number of Ph.D. students


Research Projects details (If any)


Research Papers:



List of few Research Paper:

  1. Singh, Y., Gulati, A., Singh, D.P., Khattar, J.I.S. (2018) Cyanobacterial Community Structure in Hot Water Springs of Indian North Western Himalayas: a Morphological, Molecular and Ecological Approach. Algal Research, 29: 179-192 IF: 3.994
  2.  Kaushal, S., Singh, Y., Khattar J.I.S., Singh, D.P. (2017) Phycobiliprotein production by a novel cold desert cyanobacterium Nodularia sphaerocarpa PUPCCC 420.1. J. Appl. Phycol.,  29: 1819–1827 IF: 2.616
  3. Kaur, M., Himshikha, Singhal, V.K. (2017) Occurence of syncytes: A possible mechanism owing to the origin of polyploid cytotypes in Achillea millefolium L. within Indian Himalayas. Cytologia 82: 375-384. ISSN NO. 0011-4545. IF: 0.913
  4. Singhal, V.K., Kumar, R., Himshikha, Kumar, P., Kaur, D., Kaur, M., Rana, P.K., Gupta, R.C. (2017) A profile of male meiosis, chromosomal variation and chromosomal status in species of Impatiens from North-West Himalayas in India. Caryologia 70: 258-269. ISSN NO. 0008-7114. IF: 0.516
  5. Bajwa, H.K., Nirmala, C., Koul, A., Bisht, M.S. (2016) Changes in organoleptic, physicochemical and nutritional qualities of shoots of an edible bamboo Dendrocalamus hamiltonii Nees and Arn. Ex Munro during processing. Journal of Food Processing and Preservation, 40(6): 1309-1317. IF: 0.553
  6. Khattar, J.I.S., Kaur, S., Kaushal, S., Singh, Y., Singh, D.P., Rana, S., Gulati, A. (2015) Hyperproduction of phycobiliproteins by the cyanobacterium Anabaena fertilissima PUPCCC 410.5 under optimized culture conditions.  Algal Research, 12: 463–469 IF: 3.994
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1 Events in Last Academic Session

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National Conference

The department had organized two day National Conference on “Research in Plant Sciences from Sustainable Development” from March 16-17, 2018.


Educational Tours of Dalhousie (H.P.)


The department had organized a five days (September 29 to October 04, 2017) educational tour of M.Sc. Botany (1st year) students of Dalhousie and its adjoining areas.


Educational Tours of Mussoorie (U.K.)


The department had organized a five days (October 20-23, 2017) educational tour of M.Sc. Botany (2nd year) students of Mussoorie and its adjoining areas.


One day Educational Tours

The department had organized a one day educational tour of Punjabi University, Patiala. The students of B.Sc. Botany (1st year) and M.Sc. Botany (1st & 2nd year) visited the Botanical garden, Herbarium and Museum and RS/RW Observatory of Meteorological Department of India.


One day Educational Tours

The had organized a one day visit of M.Sc. Botany (2nd year) students to Department of Plant Breeding & Genetics, Punjab Agriculture University, Ludhiana to acquaint them with various techniques and instrumentation's used in the field of Crop Genetics & Plant Breeding.


Tutorial competition

The department had organized a tutorial competition of M.Sc. Botany students. The theme of the presentations was “Role of Botany Students for Environmental Sustainability” and objective of the event was to inculcate the presentation skill in students. The students were very enthusiastic for the competition.

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1 Project of the Faculty

DST-SERB, New Delhi (Govt. of India) awarded a research project of amount Rs. 50 lacs to Dr. Yadvinder Singh under early career research award scheme for three year (2017-2020) to work on “Diversity and Effect of Stimulated Climate Change on Cyanobacteria from Wetlands of Punjab”.

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