SGGSWU syndicate

Members of Syndicate

Clause of SGGSWU Act Description/Designation     Name of Member(s)
16(2)(i) Vice-Chancellor (Chairperson)     Dr. Sukhdarshan Singh Khehra
16(2)(ii) Dean Academic Affairs     Dr. Sukhdarshan Singh Khehra
16(2)(iii) Three Deans from amongst the Deans of the Faculties, who are the members of the Senate by rotation, according to age    

Dr. R.K. Sharma (Dean, Faculty of Commerce & Management)

Dr. Sukhdarshan Singh Khehra (Dean, Faculty of Law)

Dr. Swaraj Raj, Professor (Dean, Faculty of Languages)
16(2)(iv) Two persons from amongst the Heads of the Departments    

Dr. S.S. Jolly (Head, Mechanical Engineering Department)

Dr. Swaraj Raj (Head, English Department)
16(2)(v) Two persons from amongst the Principals of the Colleges, affiliated to the University, by rotation, according to age     --
16(2)(vi) Three persons, elected by the Senate from amongst its members    

S. Raghujit Singh Virk

S. Tarlochan Singh

S. Kulwant Singh
16(2)(vii) Two persons, to be nominated by the Chancellor on the advice of the Trust.     

S. R.S. Mann

S. Amarjit Singh Sidhu

12(ii) Registrar (Secretary)     Dr. Pritpal Singh