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Admission Form - Step 1


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Has the applicant ever been disqualified / punished for indiscipline or for using unfair means or otherwise?

Has the applicant ever been convicted in any case by court of law or is there any criminal case pending against the applicant?

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a) I solemnly affirm and declare that all the particulars furnished by me in this Admission Form are true and correct to the best of my knowledge and belief.

b) I clearly understand that in case of suppression or distortion of any fact, my admission is liable to be cancelled.

c) I declare that I have not been debarred from joining any educational institution or rusticated from any Institution/ University/Board.

d) I promise to abide by rules and regulations of the University as applicable/amended from time to time.

e) I undertake that as long as I am a student of this University, I will do nothing that may interfere with its orderly working and discipline, either in its precincts or otherwise.

f) I am aware that ragging is a criminal offence. If found guilty in any respect, I would be liable to be punished under the law.

g) I undertake that I shall fill the Anti-Ragging affidavit online at or and submit the hard copy of the same in admission cell / department office.