Advanced Phycology and Microbial Ecology Lab

Advanced Phycology and Microbial Ecology Lab

Advance Phycology and Microbial Ecology lab has been established in the department of Botany and Environmental Science at Sri Guru Granth Sahib World University with the financial assistance of about fourteen lakh fifty four thousand four hundred rupees from Science and Engineering Research Board, Department of Science and Technology during 2018- 2022. This advanced lab delves into the fascinating world of algae (phycology) and microbial ecology, offering a deeper understanding of these crucial yet often unseen components of our planet's ecosystems. The lab component provides a hands-on learning experience, equipping you with advanced techniques to study these essential life forms. Students gain practical skills in culturing, identifying, and analyzing algae and microbial communities. The laboratory is equipped with deep freezer for Long-term Storage of Algal Cultures, gel doc connected with desktop for analyzing and documenting the results of gel electrophoresis experiments. Sample synthesis facilities are also available in the lab for preparing noble compositions with the help of Analytical grade chemicals.


Understanding Algal Physiology and Ecology

Harnessing Advanced Techniques

Bridging the Gap Between Science and Applications

Enhancing Research Skills

The lab provides practical training in cutting-edge techniques

used in aquatic ecology research.

This lab fosters a deeper understanding of the vast and diverse range of algae and microbes within aquatic ecosystems.


Understand algal physiology.

Develop algal identification skills.

Analyze the impact of environmental factors on algal physiology.

Develop research skills.

Foster critical thinking.

Integrate knowledge of algae and microbes to understand their interconnectedness within the ecosystem.

Design   experiments,   analyze  data,  and   draw   conclusions   about     the                  relationships between algae, microbes, and the environment.


Equipment Available

Gel Doc XR+ with image Lab software procured from BIO RAD, USA

T100 Thermal Cycler Procured from BIO RAD, Singapore

Refrigerated Centrifuge RC 4100F procured from Eltek.

Electrophoresis unit Mini Sub System -03-01procured from GeNei , Mumbai.

Microwave procured from SAMSUNG Mumbai.

Desktop Computer attached with Olympus CH20i capturing pictures of samples .

Chest Freezer CF 200 Procured from Celfrost a middleby company,

Culture rack for storing cultures

Refrigerator procured from Samsung