Gamma Rays Spectroscopy Lab

Gamma Rays Spectroscopy Lab


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Gamma rays’ spectroscopy lab has been established in the department of Physics at Sri Guru Granth Sahib World University with the financial assistance of about twenty lakh rupees from Department of Science & Technology, New Delhi during 2014-17. It has been setup with an aim of creating the state of art experimental facilities for research in the thrust area of Nuclear/Radiation Physics. The laboratory is equipped with portable scintillator detector imported from Amptec Inc., USA and radioactive source from BRIT, Mumbai. Quarterly dose monitoring services were hired from Ultra-Tech Lab. Pvt. Ltd. (recommended and approved lab by BARC). The experiments with high strength radioactive source were performed under the supervision and monitoring of Radiation Safety Officer. The functioning of the research lab is in accordance with the rules and regulations of Atomic Energy Regulatory Board, Mumbai. Sample synthesis facilities are also available in the lab for preparing noble compositions with the help of Analytical grade chemicals.


To create awareness in students about radioactivity, radioactive materials, its harmful effects and protective measures.

To understand different photon – material interaction mechanisms.

To explore feasibility of different materials as radiation shielding material.

To explore multi-disciplinary research in collaboration with other science and engineering departments.

To collaborate with different institutes for sharing knowledge and resources.

To popularize the applications of radiations in various fields.

To publish scientific research articles in Journals of International repute for earning name and fame of the University and the country.


Ensuring the spread of awareness about nuclear radiations for efficiently using them in various fields.

Offering hands on training on gamma rays detectors, spectrometer and dosimeter.

Offering hands on training on synthesis of different alloys with novel composition.

Providing awareness about rules and regulations of safely handling the radioactive materials as per Atomic Energy Regulatory Board.

Equipment Available

Gammarad5 (Scintillator detector) procured from Amptec Inc. USA
Muffle Furnace (Max. heating capacity of 950°C) procured from Swastika Electric & Scientific Works, Ambala Cantt
Digital Balance (with least count of 0.001 g) procured from Swastika Electric & Scientific Works, Ambala Cantt
Radiation Monitor RM-703 procured from Nucleonix Pvt Ltd. Hyderabad
Radioactive Sources (Cs-137 of about 180 MBq) procured from BRIT, Mumbai
Desktop Computer attached with Gammarad5 for storing and analysing the spectrum