Lecture Capturing System

Lecture Capturing System


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Department of Education has a dedicated Audio-Visual Capture and Editing Centre (AVCEC) connected to the Internet with a bandwidth of 100MBPS and enabled with required hardware and software for capturing lectures, mixing, editing, and hosting in YouTube for the benefit of students to ensure learning-on-the-go or learning-after-office hours, blended learning and Flip learning process.

Aims and Objectives

To provide the faculty members and pupil teachers with the ability to video record their lectures, edit and upload to a hosting partner (YouTube)

To get the video lectures ready for every course that is taught each semester.

To assist students in using flipped and blended learning approaches.

To provide students with access to these materials.



One plus phone (16/256 MB) is available for shooting high-definition videos.

Sandisk i-memory Card (Micro SD Extreme Pro) for data storage

LED Video Light

Tripod with fluid Video Head

Green Backdrop background (Chromakey)

High-end Desktop with software and applications