Plant Tissue Culture Lab

Plant Tissue Culture Lab


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Plant Tissue Culture Lab was established in the year 2013 in the Department of Biotechnology, SGGSWU. It is a specialized facility designed for the cultivation and propagation of plant cells, tissues, and organs under sterile and controlled environmental conditions. The lab is equipped with essential facilities to support the growth and development of plant cultures. Growth chambers provide controlled environmental conditions such as temperature, humidity, and light intensity. These conditions can be customized to mimic the natural habitat of specific plant species. This lab is essential for scientific research, biotechnological applications, and advancements in fields such as agriculture and plant genetics.


To propagate and manipulate plant cells, tissues, and organs in a controlled environment.

To study plant growth, development, and physiology under controlled conditions.

To produce genetically identical plant clones for agricultural, horticultural, and research purposes.


Establishing and maintaining plant cell cultures for various experimental studies.

Regenerating whole plants from cultured cells or tissues, facilitating mass propagation.

Introducing genetic modifications into plants to enhance desirable traits.

Conducting research on plant responses to biotic and abiotic stresses for crop improvement.


Equipment available

Plant growth chambers or rooms for maintaining controlled environmental conditions like temperature, humidity, and light procured from SK-TCR.

Laminar flow hoods or cabinets to maintain sterile conditions for tissue manipulation and culture procured from TANCO (Model HLF-3).

Culture vessels such as Petri dishes, culture tubes, and flasks for culturing plant tissues (Borosil)

Growth regulators and media components for stimulating growth and differentiation of plant cells procured from HiMedia.

Microscopes for observing cell and tissue morphology during culture and regeneration procured from SUSWOX OPTIK/SK-77I.

Autoclaves for sterilizing equipment and culture media to prevent contamination procured from Nitronics/DTI-200.

pH meters and balances for preparing and adjusting culture media procured from Labtronics/LT-11 and Contech/Ca123.

Deep freezer -80 and -20 0C for storing culture stocks and chemicals procured from Eppendorf-U410 and Vestfrost.