A.  Free Education for Girl Students under Special Initiative of Dharam Parchar Committee, SGPC, Sri Amritsar Sahib

  •  No Tuition Fee
  •  No Food Charges
  •  No Hostel Fee
  •  Seats: 200
  • For Amritdhari Sikh Girls

         Courses under the Scheme

  7.   M.Com.
  8.   BCA
  9.   B.Com.
  10.   BPEd
  11.   BBA
  12.   BA 

B. Sri Guru Granth Sahib Scholarship Scheme

In order to encourage the needy and meritorious students who cannot afford to pursue higher education, and keeping in view the mandate of Shiromani Gurdwara Parbandhak Committee and Sri Guru Granth Sahib World University Act, the University awards 'Sri Guru Granth Sahib Scholarships' to 10% needy and meritorious students in all courses, against additional 10 % supernumerary seats i.e. the seats over and above the sanctioned intake. These additional 10% seats are further classified in two categories as below, for granting the scholarships:

  • Scholarships equivalent to 5% seats in each class of respective course will be offered to needy and meritorious Sabat Surat Gursikh students with the scholarship details as under: 
  1. Scholarship amount equivalent to the total Tuition Fee will be offered for 2.5% of the seats under this category. 
  2. Scholarship amount equivalent to 25% to 50% of Tuition Fee will be offered for the remaining 2.5% of the seats under this category. 
  • Scholarships equivalent to 5% seats in each class of respective course will be offered to the needy and meritorious Gursikh and non-Gursikh students with following details: 
  1. Scholarship amount equivalent to the total Tuition Fee will be offered for 2.5% of the seats under this category. 
  2. Scholarship amount equivalent to 25% to 50% of Tuition Fee will be offered for the remaining 2.5% of the seats under this category. 

The following general criteria will be followed for award of these scholarships

  1. The scholarship will be awarded for one academic session, which will be renewed every year.
  2. The students must have obtained at least 60% marks in the qualifying examination, to become eligible for the scholarship.
  3. The continuation of the scholarship, once awarded at the time of admission, during subsequent years of study will depend on consistent good academic performance of the student in the sense that he/she clears all his/her semester exams at the University in the first attempt, with minimum of 6.0 CGPA. 
  4. The total family income of the students from all sources should not exceed Rs. 2.5 Lac per annum. 
  5. A committee of University officials/department heads will be constituted to scrutinize the claims of candidates for the award of scholarships. The committee will be authorized to determine the merit and need based requirement of the students, after holding interviews. The decision of the Vice Chancellor on the recommendations of the committee will be final.
  6. If at any stage, it is found that a student has obtained scholarship by misrepresentation/ concealment of facts, he/she will have to deposit a fee for all the semesters. 

C.    Scholarship/Fee Waiver Scheme for  Meritorious Students:

The Meritorious Students will be given fee concession at the time of admission, on the basis of marks obtained in the qualifying examination as per the following criteria:

There will be no limit of income for awarding scholarship/fee concession under this scheme. This concession will be granted for one academic session only. 


D.    Minority Community Scholarships

This is a centrally sponsored scheme to provide financial assistance to the poor and meritorious students belonging to minority communities (Sikhs, Muslims, Christians, Buddhists and Parsis). These scholarships are awarded through an agency designated by the State Government for this purpose. 

The scholarships under the following schemes are available for the students belonging to minority communities:

i)          Merit-cum-Means Scholarships 

ii)         Post Matric Scholarships 

iii)        Maulana Azad National Fellowship 

E.    Post Matric Scholarship Scheme for Scheduled Caste Students

The central government has introduced the Post Matric Scholarship scheme for students belonging to scheduled castes/scheduled tribes (SC/ST students) through the Punjab government. As per this scheme, the Punjab Govt. has instructed the higher education institutions not to charge any non-refundable fee from the SC/ST students whose family income from all sources does not exceed Rupees 2.5 lakh per annum. The non-refundable fee of such students is reimbursed by the central and Punjab govt. in the 60:40 ratios in the bank accounts of the students who submit the same to the University on receipt from the Govt.

Being a charitable institution and with an aim to impart inclusive education that is accessible to all, the fee structure of different courses offered by the University has been very reasonable compared to the fee structure of many neighboring institutions. Still the Punjab govt. has capped the fee payable for different courses that results in receipt of a lesser fee for many courses than that prescribed by the University for these Courses. The aim of this policy is to provide fee concessions to the SC/ST students to compensate for the difference in fee of the University and that paid by the government, so that the students of these socially deprived communities are able to get quality education. Through this policy, the University decides not to recover the balance fee (Difference in Fee prescribed by the University and that paid by the Govt.) from the Students, but to offer the deficient fee amount as a special stipend to the Students.

Conditions of Eligibility: 

The student must belong to the scheduled caste and the annual income of the student's family from all sources must not exceed Rs. 2.5 Lac.

F.    Post Matric Scholarship Scheme for other Backward Class Students

This is a centrally sponsored scheme. Under this scheme, Punjab domicile students belonging to the Backward/ other Backward classes are given scholarships by the Government of Punjab.


Conditions of Eligibility: 

The student must belong to the other Backward Classes and the annual income of the student's family must not exceed Rs. 1 Lac (BPL). The student must have obtained 60% marks in the qualifying examination

How to apply:

The claimants for scholarships under categories 'C' and 'D' above must submit the following documents along with the admission form:

i.          Application for grant of scholarship

ii.         Income certificate issued by the concerned Tehsildar regarding family income to be           submitted by the student's father/ guardian, if employed in unorganized sector or       salary certificate in case of government employees as proof of income.

iii.        Punjab Domicile certificate.

iv.        Caste Certificate issued by competent authority; ADC/ SDM/ EM/ Tehsildar

v.         Photostat copies of Matric certificate and last examination passed

vi.        Photocopy of Adhaar Card (UID)

vii.       Bank account number of claimant, linked to Aadhar card and with IFSC code

viii.      One passport size photograph 

Note: Claimant/ Student is herself/ himself responsible for applying online for SC scholarship by the last date notified by the University every year. The University will facilitate the students in applying online.

Claimant/ Student will follow the terms and conditions as determined by the Government from time to time and is responsible to produce any document as demanded by the Government from time to time.  


G. UGC Special Scholarship for J&K students

Two students from J&K admitted under the supernumerary quota scheme will be eligible for the special scholarship by UGC.


H. PM CARES for Children:

Two students who have lost both their parents during the COVID pandemic will be admitted to the courses of their choice under this scheme against supernumerary seats as per policy of Govt. of India.