Synthetic Organic Chemistry Lab

Synthetic Organic Chemistry Lab


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Synthetic Organic Chemistry Lab has been set up with an aim to equip students with all the skills involved in the synthesis of Organic compounds of Pharmacological and Biological importance. The laboratory is equipped with all the necessary glassware and equipment’s involved in the Synthesis Organic chemistry procedures so as to train the Bachelor’s, Master’s level and research students in the divergent field of Organic Synthesis. Centrifuge and UV-Lamp irradiation facilities are also available in the Lab.


To train students in Synthetic organic chemistry procedures.

To   synthesize  organic compounds of pharmacological  and biological importance.

To develop new means of synthesis of organic compounds.

To explore the catalytic potential of recent materials like Nanomaterials, Composites, Metal Organic frameworks in the organic synthesis.

To publish research in Journals of International repute for adding fame to the name of the University and the country.

Facilities Available




Mechanical Stirrer

Magnetic Stirrers

Rotary Evaporator

UV Cabinets

Hot Plates

Hot Air Oven

Digital Weighing Machine