System of Evaluation

System of Evaluation

Even worthwhile endeavors need evaluation in order to determine if they have become distractions from the best goals......... (Quentin L. Cook)


The University follows a credit based grade point system. The University ensures completely transparent, honest and comprehensive evaluation of the students. By adopting a holistic approach to evaluation, we believe in getting an insight into the true sense of our teaching. Evaluation strategies provide means to hear student voices and increase faculty accountability towards students.


Formative and summative assessment procedures are followed to get a comprehensive view of students’ progress towards achievement of learning outcomes. Proportionate weightage is given to the internal and external assessment procedures, as approved by the Academic Council for different courses.

Mid semester examinations, assignments, class quiz, presentations, classroom discussion forums, class test, professional practice and many more tools of assessment serve to provide feedback both to students and teachers on the impact of teaching learning process. Teachers ensure that corrective comments are given on all the assigned work submitted for grading.

Semester end examinations are conducted as per the schedule specified in the academic calendar or as notified by the University.


In courses involving laboratory work, students are required to achieve satisfactory grades in both parts of the course. The laboratory performance of the students is assessed by both the internal and external examiners. Students are assigned major and minor projects are per the course requirement. Students pursuing courses with professional training requirements are required to undertake internship programme, evaluation for the same is done by the procedure specified in the course curriculum.