About IQAC

About IQAC

The Internal Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC) of the University plays an active role in ensuring and enhancing the quality of academic and non-academic activities in the University. The IQAC is dedicated to developing and maintaining a quality culture of the University. The IQAC has developed a comprehensive mechanism at the University that integrates various functions to ensure the ongoing quality, improvement, and sustainability of academic and non-academic activities. It is a proactive body, constantly monitoring, evaluating, and implementing measures to uphold and enhance the quality standards set by accrediting bodies of the Indian government.

The Functions of IQAC and its Strategies:
The strategies employed by the IQAC at SGGSWU are designed to contribute to the continuous improvement of the overall performance of the institution. Here are some common strategies that IQACs often adopt:

Development of Quality Benchmarks:
The Cell focusses on establishing and promoting benchmarks for various academic and administrative activities to ensure that the University operates at a certain standard. The Cell ensures this by defining quality parameters and indicators for different aspects of the University’s functioning.
Documentation and Record-Keeping:
The Cell ensures maintaining comprehensive documentation related to academic programs, faculty profiles, student achievements, infrastructure, and other relevant aspects. It makes sure that the records are regularly updated and all the necessary information is easily available, and wherever required, is in public domain.

Feedback and Evaluation Mechanisms:
The effective feedback mechanisms for students, faculty, and other stakeholders to gather their opinions and suggestions, have been implemented by IQAc, since its inception. The Cell in collaboration with various departments conducts regular evaluations of courses, teaching methodologies, and institutional processes to identify areas for improvement.

Faculty and Staff Development:
The Cell facilitates programs for the professional development of faculty and staff to enhance their skills and knowledge, with an aim to encourage continuous learning and training opportunities to keep the faculty updated with the latest developments in their respective fields. The Cell regularly organises Orientation Programme and workshops under faculty development scheme.

Promoting Research and Innovation:
The cell time to time recommends the strategies to the Research Cell so as to enhance research and innovation in the University.  Special focus is given to the research which may benefit a larger society.

Collaboration and Networking:
The IQAC makes sure that effective collaborations with other institutions, industries, and research organizations are established through various University wings, so as to stay abreast of global educational trends and practices.

Stakeholder Engagement:
The Cell engages with various stakeholders such as students, parents, alumni, and employers to understand their expectations and incorporate feedback into the improvement process. The feedback mechanism has been developed which flows the feedback information to the appropriate channels, so that a thorough analysis is made and genuine action is taken upon the feedback received.

Periodic Reviews and Audits:
The Cell ensures that periodic internal reviews and audits to assess the effectiveness of various processes and activities are conducted regularly. The identified areas that need attention are thus provided with corrective measures.

Institutional Planning and Vision:
The IQAC plays a crucial role in developing long-term institutional plans aligned with the institution's vision and goals. It monitors progress and makes adjustments to the plan as needed.

Promoting a Quality Culture:
Above all, the Cell gives a special emphasis on instilling a culture of quality consciousness among all members of the institution. By recognizing and rewarding excellence in various aspects of academic and administrative functions, the IQAC encourages the SGGSWU family to work together, dedicatedly and tirelessly for the betterment of the Univeristy.

These strategies collectively contribute to the holistic improvement and sustenance of quality in the University. The IQAC at Sri Guru Granth Sahib World University serves as a driving force to ensure that the University is committed to continuous enhancement and meets the expectations of various stakeholders.