Patents and Research Projects


Inventor Name Picture Department Patent Title Year Patent No
Dr. Pankajpreet SinghPhysiotherapyA Portable Unit for Muscle Strength Assessment05 Mar 2013385495-001
Dr. Rashmi SharmaDepartment of ChemistryNovel chemical compound for detection and estimation of cerium (III)09 Feb 2017201711004742
Dr. Pushpender Kumar Sharma Department of BiotechnologyEngineering of the metagenome derived lipase30 Oct 2018302588

Research Projects

Principal Investigator Department Project Title / Duration Amount Sectioned Year
Funding Agency

Dr. BirBikram Singh
Department of PhysicsProbing nuclei towards drip lines within cluster decay models
Duration: 3 Years
30.08 Lacs2020/DST, New DelhiCompleted

Dr. Yadvinder Singh
Department of Botany and Environmental ScienceDiversity, Biogeography and Response to Simulated Climate Changes of Cyanobacteria from Wetlands of Punjab
Duration: 3 Years
Rs. 42 Lacs2018/SERB-DST, New DelhiCompleted

Dr. Akshay Kumar
Department of NanotechnologyBoron nitride nanocomposites for photodetectors and gas sensing applications
Duration: 3 Years
36.08 Lacs2017/SERB-DSTCompleted

Dr. BirBikram Singh
Department of PhysicsAddressing the issues of farmers through capacity building of farming families
Duration: 3 Years
1 Crore 35 Lacs2016/ NASF of ICAR, New DelhiCompleted

Dr. Preeti Rajesh
Department of BiotechnologyUnderstanding the potential cross-talk between the homologous recombination and mismatch repair pathways of DNA repair
Duration: 3 Years
Rs. 37.65 Lac2015/DST-SERBCompleted

Dr.Rajni Under mentorship of Dr.Yogesh K. Vermani
Department of PhysicsStudy the effects of isotopic contents and clusterizations on collective flow and fragmentation
Duration: 3 Years
Rs. 24.03 Lacs2015/SERB, New DelhiCompleted

Dr. Deepti Goyal
Department of ChemistryAssociation of polymorphisms in base-excision and nucleotide-excision repair genes with DNA damage in pesticide-exposed agricultural workers of Punjab
Duration: 3 Years
Rs. 23.7 Lacs2015/SERB-DSTCompleted

Dr. Rupinder Kaur
Department of BiotechnologyAssociation of polymorphisms in base-excision and nucleotide-excision repair genes with DNA damage in pesticide-exposed agricultural workers of Punjab
Duration: 3 Years
Rs. 22 Lacs2015/DST-SERBCompleted

Dr. Deepak Kukkar
Department of NanotechnologyLuminescent Nanoscale Metal Organic Frameworks Based Nanosensor for Detection & Remediation of Pollutant Pesticides
Duration: 3 Years
Rs. 19 Lacs2015/SERB, New DelhiCompleted

Dr. Harsimran Kaur
Department of BiotechnologyPolymer encapsulated vitamins nanoparticles for nutraceutical applications
Duration: 3 Years
Rs. 21.6 Lacs2014/DST-SERBCompleted

Dr. Tejbir Singh
Department of PhysicsExperimental Investigation of Gamma Rays Shielding Parameters for some Alloys
Duration: 3 Years
Rs. 20.04 Lacs2014/SERB, New DelhiCompleted

Dr. Akshay Kumar
Department of NanotechnologySynthesis and applications of boron carbide nanoparticle for neutron capture cancer treatment therapy
Duration: 3 Years
25.13 Lacs2014/BRNS-DAECompleted

Dr. Pushpender Kumar Sharma
Department of BiotechnologyMetatranscriptomic analysis and functional characterization of the metabolically active genes of microbial consortium of polluted soil and water samples of cancer prone belt of Punjab
Duration: 3 Years
Rs. 22 Lacs2013/DST-SERBCompleted

Dr. BirBikram Singh
Department of PhysicsCollective clusterization in very light mass nuclear systems formed in heavy ion collisions
Duration: 3 Years
Rs. 17.82 Lacs2012/ SERB, New DelhiCompleted