Innovation Cell

Innovation Cell


The Institutional innovation cell of SGGSWU, Center for Scientific Research and Innovation (CSRI-SGGSWU) was constituted with an aim to promote innovative research, garner funding for research from various industrial and academic organizations and to promote entrepreneurial skills among the students and faculty of the university.

The major objective of the center will be to provide support for innovative research by providing a convenient platform for the innovative and entrepreneurial skills of the stakeholders. The cell will foster and facilitate the startups of students by mentoring them and providing incubation and financial facilities. The thrust of the cell is transforming an innovative idea into a marketable product so as to help an inventor of today to become an entrepreneur of tomorrow.

For this objective the center will work for the identification, promotion, technology transfer and commercialization of innovative ideas. The center will also set up new incubator facilities for students, to turn the existing research being undertaken in various departments into their own entrepreneurship opportunities.

In the next five years, the CSRI-SGGSWU plans to start several interdisciplinary research programs and incubator facilities as per the implementation of the NISP-2021 mandate, in collaboration with various departments of SGGSWU and other research/academic organizations at National/International level. Incubators will be set up in Agri-Biotechnology, Nano-Electronics, Food Processing, Food Preservation, Nano-biotechnological diagnostics, Computer applications etc.

The staff and students of various faculties can contact following members of Centre for Scientific Research and Innovation (CSRI-SGGSWU) for implementation and approval of research, innovation, entrepreneurship and startups. After reviewing the proposal and approval from competent authorities, the nominated CSRI Members will provide support to avail research benefits listed under National INNOVATION and STARTUP Policy (NISP-2021).

The applicant can apply for participation via google form.

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Sri Guru Granth Sahib National Innovation Start Up Policy 2021 Policy Document  

NISP SGGSWU            Consent Form            Preproposal


Contact SGGSWU CSRI Members for further details:-


Sr. No.


Faculty Member

Contact Details



Dr. C. Rajesh


Professor and Head

Department of Biotechnology

M: +91-7814833900;

E mail:


Faculty of Engineering and Management

Dr. Amandeep Kaur Virk


Assistant Professor

Department of Computer Science

M: +91-9646067373;



Faculty of Emerging Technologies

Dr. Pushpender Kumar Sharma


Assistant Professor

Department of Biotechnology

M: +91-70090-10639;



Faculty of Basic and Applied Science

Dr. Monika Airi


Assistant Professor

Department of Zoology

M: +91-9779739219;



Faculty of Basic and Applied Science

Dr. Sandeep Kaushal


Assistant Professor

Department of Chemistry

M: +91-70097-95652;




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