Moot Court

Moot Court


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The Moot Court at the University School of Law, Sri Guru Granth Sahib World University, is an integral part of our legal education program, providing students with a platform to hone their advocacy skills. The Moot Court is designed to stimulate real- l i fe court proceedings, allowing students to engage in legal research, writing, and oral advocacy in a controlled, academic environment. This facility stands as a testament to our commitment to fostering practical legal skills alongside theoretical knowledge.


The primary aim of the Moot Court is to bridge the gap between academic study and practical legal practice. By participating in moot court activities, students gain first-hand experience in the procedural aspects of law and the intricacies of courtroom dynamics. This facility aims to prepare students for actual court appearances and to instill in them a deep understanding of the law as it is practiced in the real world.


Skill Development: To enhance students' research, analytical, and oratory skills through rigorous moot court exercises.

Practical Experience: To provide a stimulated environment where students can practice and understand courtroom procedures, legal arguments, and judicial decision- making.

Interdisciplinary Learning: To encourage the integration of knowledge from variousbranches of law, helping students to see the interconnectedness of legal principles.

Professional Preparation: To prepare students for careers in law by developing their confidence, public speaking abilities, and overall legal acumen.

Competitive Edge: To equip students with the necessary skills to excel in national andinternational moot court competitions, thereby enhancing the university's reputation and the students' prospects.

Facilities and Infrastructure

Our Moot Court facility is equipped with a state- of- the- art courtroom, complete with judges' benches, witness stands, and seating for participants and observers. The infrastructure includes a legal research l ibrary with access to digital databases, enabling students to prepare comprehensive case materials. Additionally, the courtroom is equipped with audio- visual aids to facilitate modern legal education techniques.